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Armitage Shanks Bathroom Suites

Armitage Shanks Bathroom Suites

Plumb Center has a great collection of Armitage Shanks bathroom suites to make renovation and installation projects affordable and straightforward.

Each range takes the guesswork out of planning a bathroom suite; fixtures have been thoughtfully designed by a team of industrial designers to create a simple, classic style when paired together or when purchased individually.

Armitage Shanks has been the market leader in commercial bathroom and washroom products for nearly 200 years, providing functional, ageless pieces that look great in any setting. The company’s Sandringham and Sandringham 21 ranges build on this proud tradition, offering trade professionals affordable solutions that look good and perform well, too.

The Armitage Shanks bathroom suites are designed to make new bathroom installations as effortless as possible; ready packaged kits include toilet and sink set with taps or basin mixer, and can also include a bathtub and front panel for full bathroom renovations.

Whether searching for individual bathroom fixtures or full bathroom suites, you can find the full range of Armitage Shanks bathroom suites online at Plumb Center.