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Specifying for education is serious business. Safety is of paramount importance and thermostatic water controls are recommended. Water controls also need to be durable enough to withstand tough treatment and easy to use by small hands. And, with the average pupil estimated to use around 4,000 litres of water every year, water efficiency is vital.

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The £55bn Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme was cancelled in July 2010. Just over 700 BSF projects will be completed, a further 715 awaiting approval will not proceed. BSF only accounted for a third of the money spent on education related capital projects. The Government is investigating more cost effective and efficient alternatives to BSF33 BSF sample schools set the standard. They will be used as a benchmark for future school development

Poor sanitary conditions and fear of bullying cause pupils to avoid washrooms. Good washroom design will improve pupil health, discipline and achievement. The presence of learning opportunities and concern for student welfare can be subconsciously read’ in the amenities of a school, not just the classroom


Any school will benefit from improved water-saving and lower utility bills. By selecting sanitaryware products from the Water Technology List (WTL) your design could contribute to potential water savings of up to 50% per annum

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Commercial Sanitaryware packages for any Education project.

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Extensive range of Education Showering and parts.

Education Valves and Flushing Controls for any project.

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Case Study: Armitage Shanks

Case Study - Armitage Shanks

Holy Trinity Primary School

The design and provision of new toilets was of prime importance when Holy Trinity school was rebuilt after a fire in 2003. The school wanted to ensure that their new toilets fully contributed to the education and well being of the pupils. A series of toilet schemes were implemented, each designed to cater for a relatively small number of children within a discrete age group.

All washrooms were located close to a classroom and had a yellow theme with wall panels colour coded to match the decorative finishes of the users year group room. Proportions were also considered, the heights of cubicles and basins were tailored to the age of the child using it, a simple consideration but one often overlooked. Armitage Shanks were proud to supply a range of products to the new Holy Trinity washrooms and play a small part in getting this exceptional school back on line. The Head Teacher sums it up best, ‘A collection of small, friendly facilities right next to our classrooms gives pupils easy access and staff easy supervision. The children love the new toilets and that shows in the way they treat them. Money very well spent.’

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Case Studies

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