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Designing a hotel bathroom appropriate to a desired standard is not a matter of guesswork. Standards and regulations provide guidance on the size, facilities and layout of every type of hotel bathroom.

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Forward Thinking

Modern hotel bathroom design should consider issues that will impact on the efficiency and performance of the hotel itself. The following key issues should be considered:


Ideal Standard thermostatic mixers have an override facility that runs water above 60°C through the fitting, disinfecting it and stopping the growth of bacteria such as legionella.


After extensive testing Ideal Grip was awarded Class C certification (the highest standard) for slip resistance up to 24° inclination.

Water Efficiency

A green en suite will use 40% less water per day than a comparable traditional hotel, saving 52, 00 litres per room, per year.


In 1998 less than 10% of the clay effluent produced during vitreous chine casting was reused. Today over 80% of it is recycled for use in the production of floor tiles and bricks.


It's not just hotel guests that treat en suits harshly. The rigorous daily cleaning regimes of house keeping staff can degrade the tap indices and chrome plating of products not designed for commercial environments.

Star Classification

Before the jet age shrunk the world and made every guest a hotel inspector, classification systems gave the traveller reassurance about the standard of accommodation they could expect at their destination. In the last few decades however, the function of hotel classification systems has switched from protecting the traveller to providing them with information


Product Type

Commercial Sanitaryware packages to suit all your business needs.

Extensive range of Commercial Showering and parts in the Hotel & Leisure sector.

High specification Hotel & Leisure Commercial Brassware from Plumb Center.

Valves and Flushing Controls for any Hotel & Leisure project.

Conceal Cistern & Frames to suit all your Hotel & Leisure needs.

Case Study: Ideal Standard

Case Study - Apex Hotel London

Apex Hotel, London

When Apex opened their ‘30 bedroom City of London Hotel near to Tower Bridge, they wanted to create a high end environment that would have a broad demographic appeal. The Project designers wanted to produce bathrooms that exceeded guest expectations, yet were not slaves to the latest design fad.

Ideal Standard’s elegant White & Silver collection by David Chipperfield proved the perfect choice. Its contemporary yet timeless style works with black walnut and neutral porcelain surfaces to deliver bathrooms that embody the ‘modern classic’ décor of the hotel.

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Case Studies
Case Studies

We have a number of cases studies which highlight our expertise across all of the commercial sectors.