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Wall Hung Bidets

We stock a wide range of wall hung bidets all manufactured by renowned bathroom specialists. All bidets are white and feature a single tap hole, however each bidet is unique in terms of its design, size and features.

A wall hung bidet is a hygienic bathroom solution and a great addition to any contemporary bathroom suite. Mounted on the wall, it gives the illusion that the bidet is floating above the ground; not only does this look impressive, but it is also incredibly practical when it comes to cleaning.

The Ideal Standard Tempo wall hung bidet, for instance, is free from sharp corners, making it suitable for family bathrooms. The Roca Dama-N compact, on the other hand, is perfect for bathrooms with limited space. We also stock the latest Twyford wall hung bidets as well as other reputable and reliable manufacturers.

Our wall hung bidets offer a practical solution for the hygiene-conscious and when installed, they help to accentuate other features within the bathroom. You can view our full range of wall hung bidets by scrolling down.

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