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Drainage & Guttering


Installing the correct drainage is integral to managing the water supply. Drainage systems can be very complex, but when it comes to drainage supplies you need to be sure that you are getting good quality products.

From the soil pipe to the plastic guttering on the roof, drainage comes in all shapes and sizes. Drainage has undergone a large scale environmental review in recent years, due to manufacturers showing a commitment to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) which should closely mimic the natural flow of water.

When designing buildings drainage pipes make up the core part of the plans. Domestic drainage is likely to be on a smaller scale, as there will be a smaller waste pipe and it will require less drainage pipes and fittings compared to larger premises or commercial property. These may opt for larger waste trap or a larger soil pipe requiring a different set of waste pipe fittings.

Guttering too needs to be right for the job with rainwater drains and plastic guttering required for domestic and commercial properties alike.

Plumb Center offers a wide range of drainage supplies including soil pipe fittings, drainage pipes and guttering supplies which are all manufactured to the highest quality standards, so you can be sure they are up to the task.