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Center jet plus 500g Blue

Product Code: 581168

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Product Description

JetBlue multi-purpose jointing compound is a soft-setting, non-petroleum based thread sealant for use with potable water, liquids and gases. JetBlue is easily applied and is brushable and will provide an excellent seal for correctly made-up taper thread connections to 50mm (2”) diameter. Apply using an even coating to the male thread, the joint can loosened and re-tightened to adjusted final pipework installation.

Product Features

  • Pipe jointing compound JetBlue may be used on steel, Aluminium brass, Copper, Iron, polyethylene, reinforced fibreglass, and PVC Do not use JetBlue on ABS or CPVC Approved to British Standard 6920: part 1 and 2: 1988 This product is suitable for use as a Class A, Class Arp and Class B thread sealant as defined by BSEN751-2: 1997 for gas pipe connections, thus making it suitable for gas installation work carried out by CORGI registered personnel WRAS listed for both hot and cold potable water