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Fernox TF1 total filter 22 mm

Product Code: 608263

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Product Description

The Fernox Total Filter TF1 (UK patent pending 0806091.5) is a revolutionary in-line filter, which combines hydrocyclonic action with specially designed magnet assemblies, to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from system water and contain safely within the filter.

Product Features

  • TF1 Compact and TF1 total filter high performance in-line system filters
  • Hydrocyclonic and magnetic action
  • Removes magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants to sub-micron level
  • Fits vertical and horizontal pipe work
  • Dosing point for Fernox 'F' Range
  • Cleaned in minutes without removal or disassembly
  • Up to 24 orientations for easy fitting and servicing
  • Quality valves and fittings included