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Grundfos UPS2 Complete Pump

Product Code: 181995

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Product Description

The Grundfos UPS2 complete pump is an excellent choice for those looking for a top of the range, efficient heating pump. Specially designed to minimise the risk of leakage, it’s a highly reliable choice when it comes to replacing a domestic pump, and is available to buy now at Plumb Center with a five-year warranty.

Product Features

  • EuP EEI rating that exceeds 2015 requirements, similar dimensions to previous UPS circulators, three proportional curves, three constant curves.
  • The latest version in the long line of Grundfos Pumps
  • the UPS2 15-50/60 (130) is all about efficiency and easy installation.
  • The ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology offers a much higher energy efficiency that its ICM (Integrated Control Motor) predecessors by continuously varying the speed control for better circulation of clean heating water.
  • The technology not only allows it to meet the latest EuP/ErP standards but surpass them.
  • Compact is design and easy to install this 2 phase pump will save you time and your customer money.
  • If you’re looking for a replacement domestic pump there aren’t many alternatives to this one
  • especially with 5 year Warranty. The Grundfos 15 50/60 is the ideal pump for your customer.