Smart Home

The house of the 21st century can be described in one word: smart.

Cutting-edge technology in the form of security and safety equipment, mobile apps, smart thermostats and electricals is coming together to create smart homes where intelligent technology is the norm and can be controlled from anywhere.

You can find out more about a wide range of exceptional products right here at Plumb Center’s smart home hub, with information on everything from thermostats that can help your customers to save money on their energy bills and also help them to do their bit to save the planet, to expert interviews about the benefits, practicalities, and the future of smart technology.

Welcome to the smart home revolution.

Smart Home Thermostats

Honeywell Radio Frequency thermostat pack

£120 ex VAT

Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

£165.82 ex VAT

Drayton miGenie Wish 2 Dual Channel System

£133.35 ex VAT

Honeywell Voice connection mobile thermostat

£198.97 ex VAT