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Heating Controls & Valves

Shop from a range of heating controls and radiator valves at Plumb Center. Our selection includes a variety of specialist controls, including thermostats.

Controls & Valves

Designed to improve heating efficiency, our heating controls can help stop energy wastage and bring down heating bills. Part L of the Building Regulations now states that the heating control system must be upgraded to include a time and temperature control when you’re installing a new boiler, so these are very important.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that installing proper controls can reduce heating costs by up to 30%, no matter how efficient the central heating system. Similarly, the Association of Controls Manufacturers recently released figures showing that thermostatic radiator valves and thermostats can save homeowners a massive 40% on their energy bills. These great saving mean that most people would be able to recoup the installation costs in only 15 months.

Thermostatic radiator valves are a fantastic way to control your heating usage as it lets you choose which rooms to heat fully and which rooms are unused. Our range of modern thermostatic radiator valves are ideal for sensing room temperatures and controlling heating output.

Find heating controls and valves in our range online at Plumb Center and take advantage of our competitive trade prices, home delivery, and free collection in branch.