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Make CO Alarms Mandatory

Make Carbon Monoxide Alarms Mandatory - Help Us Change The Law

Did you know that carbon monoxide poisoning kills around 40 people a year and another 4000 are hospitalised with symptoms. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer for obvious reasons but each of these 40 deaths and 4000 hospitalisations are avoidable. We feel very strongly that the law needs to be changed to make CO alarms mandatory in houses that use carbon burning appliances. Its already compulsory in Scotland and Northern Ireland and now its the turn of England and Wales.

Working with a leading charity, members of parliament and the governing bodies in the industry we are tackling the issue head on. It’s simple: If a house has a carbon burning appliance we want a CO alarm to be mandatory!

The Katie Haines Memorial Trust

Gordon Samuel lost his daughter to carbon monoxide poisoning and created the Katie Haines Memorial Trust to increase awareness of the dangers and it's with pleasure to be on the same team, working towards with the same goals!

Lastest figures show that 85% of houses have smoke alarms but only 15% have carbon monoxide detectors - we all know how easily a smoke alarm can be fitted and CO alarms are no different. The video below was created by the Trust to increase awareness of the dangers.

Help Us Change the Law - Sign Our Petition

Scotland and Northern Ireland passed the law in October 2013 and its time for change in England and Wales. We need 100,000 signatures on the e-petition to have this debated in parliament with a view to changing the law.

For more information about causes, symptions and other helpful information about carbon monoxide poisoning click here

To sign the e-petition click the banner below

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