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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Driven by Building Regulations, The Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM the need to improve water management, reduce dependency on mains water and increase water supply to areas of water scarcity all mean that rainwater harvesting is the logical solution. It also has the potential to reduce the volume of water wastage and save money on water bills. In domestic applications savings of up to 50% can be achieved and up to 85% can be saved within commercial applications.
Rainwater harvesting is the collection, filtering and storing of rainwater from the roofs of buildings.


What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater Harvesting works by taking the rain from your roof gutters, filtering out leaves and debris and storing the water in an above ground or underground tank. This water can then be used for non-potable applications such as vehicle washing, irrigation, toilet flushing and washing machines. A KingspanWater expert will be able to guide you to the appropriate rainwater harvesting system for your application.

KingspanWater Product Solutions

  • Envireau - Fully integrated rainwater harvesting systems
  • Raintrap - Below ground storage and delivery system
  • Commercial Rainstore - Above ground large capacity rainwater storage
  • Domestic RainStore - Water butts
  • Ezy-Filter - Grey water Recycling

The Kingspan portfolio of Rainwater Harvesting products offers economical solutions for water conservation in the home and garden. Detailed in this brochure are the most effective, practical and competitive solutions on the market.

Domestic Envireau - Integrated Rainwater Harvesting

The Domestic Envireau Rainwater Harvesting system has been designed as a low cost installation for self-build projects and residential developments. Envireau works by taking the rain from your roof gutters, filtering out leaves and debris and storing the water in an underground tank. This is then pumped into the house to be used for nonpotable applications such as toilet flushing and washing machines. If the tank runs empty, the system automatically switches to mains supply. Simple.


Easy to install, simple to maintain, automatic in operation; the Domestic Envireau System has been developed to provide the homeowner with a ‘fit-and-forget’ system, ensuring an automatic supply of harvested rainwater.

Designed to be as user-friendly as possible, the system utilises much of the existing pipework within the building. The main requirement being the installation of a rainwater storage tank with internal pump, selected to meet the roof areas water catchment yield and household requirements.

The BS8515 : 2009 Rainwater Harvesting Systems - Code of Practice protects the public by ensuring consistency of quality, installation, testing and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems for non-potable (nondrinkable) water applications in the UK. The Envireau product ensures total compliance with BS8515 : 2009.

To benefit from this renewable energy solution, visit our Renewables section now to view our latest products.

System Options

The Envireau System has two primary options;

  • The Gravity System which uses an elevated header tank to store filtered water after the main tank.
  • The Direct System pumps water from the main storage tank and is used where a header tank is impractical.

Display & Control Panel

The KingspanWater Envireau Range has launched its new intelligent control panel and display unit. Fully CE approved the New display panel features an LCD display screen to help easily distinguish status alarms.

Other features include:

  • Vastly simplifies the install and commissioning process
  • Fully BMS compatible
  • Designed with future enhancements in mind
Rainwater Homes

Benefits of installing the domestic Envireau

Save up to 50%

KingspanWater Envireau can reduce water consumption in domestic applications by up to 50%.

Code for Sustainable Homes / Part G Building Regulations

Achieves credits that are required for compliance with The Code for Sustainable Homes. Also reduced mains water use fulfils the new Part G 2009 Building Regulations.

Aids Planning Applications

Authorities increasingly expect applications to demonstrate Sustainable Drainage (SUDS).

The System that Pays for Itself

Money saved through reduced water bills means Envireau can pay back its purchase costs.

Rainwater Recycling Video

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