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Albion Aerocyl indirect air source heat pump and solar cylinder 210ltr

Product Code: 179686


Product Description

Albion Aerocyl ASHP & Solar cylinder is the new unvented copper hot water storage system from Kingspan. Based on the company’s experience in giving the trade the products they ask for, the new Aerocyl is a high quality vessel employing the best in technology and providing fast and safe mains pressure hot water around the home in both environmentally and pocket friendly way. Aerocyl Heat Pump and Solar Input cylinder has been designed for use with solar thermal applications complimenting the heat pump. Featuring a purpose-designed solar coil allowing maximum heat transfer of solar energy into the stored water, the cylinders are suitable for use with a wide range of solar systems and are an efficient and environmentally friendly way of providing hot water. They are designed to accept heat input from a solar thermal system as a primary source of heat. Where this input does not fully meet the desired temperature, a guaranteed quantity of water can be heated to an acceptable temperature by the heat pump and/or immersion heater. Connection to any other source of heat, e.g. traditional boiler, is not acceptable. Aerocyl cylinder will heat up the water for your central heating system (for both underfloor heating and traditional radiators) as well as your domestic hot water for your bath, showers and taps etc. With its high flow rates it's capable of delivering mains pressure hot water around multiple points at your home.

Product Features

  • High flow rates for powerful showers and fast filling baths
  • fast reheat - high efficiency, hot water always available
  • very well insulated for low heat loss
  • CFC and HCFC-free foam lagging - the foam has an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero and a Global Warming Potential of One
  • attractive white glossy finish case - smart, tough and wipe clean
  • low maintenance - no hidden costs
  • a complete package - just add pipework
  • 5-year guarantee
  • every Aerocyl cylinder is water tested to a pressure of 4.5 bar
  • Building Regulations Part L 2010 compliant
  • compatible with wide range of heat pumps available on the market

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