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Albion Ultrasteel indirect universal cylinder 180ltr

Product Code: 179652


Product Description

Albion Ultrasteel Indirect Cylinder offers benefits of mains pressure hot water - fast filling baths and powerful showers. It is suitable for use in buildings with multiple bathrooms as there is minimal loss of pressure when more than one tap is open at the same time. It features specifically designed coil that ensures maximum heat transfer into the stored water. It can be used in conjunction with traditional gas, oil or electric boiler. The unit is fitted with an immersion heater to meet additional load as and when required. Manufactured from high grade Duplex stainless steel, it offers superior corrosion resistance and long operational life combined with low maintenance.

Product Features

  • Durable, wipe clean surface
  • High performance - low heat loss figures mean the water remains hot for longer
  • mains pressue hot water - powerful showers and fast filling baths
  • ideal for multi bedroom appartments
  • economical to run
  • highly insulated with CFC and HCFC-free fire retardant foam lagging with an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero and Global Warming Potential of one
  • encased in corrosion proofed metallic finish outer casing
  • WRAS and WRc-NSF approved for Building Regulations
  • easy to install
  • supplied with all components required to complete installation
  • 25 years for inner vessel, 5 years for expansion vessel and cold water controls, 2 years for all other components

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