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Baxi 247429 O ring

Product Code: 424031

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Model This Fits
Brand: Baxi
By Model Number: 15 HE A System, 18 HE A System, 18 HE A System LPG, 24 Eco, 24 Eco Elite, 24 HE, 24HE A, 24 HE A System, 24 HE LPG, 24HE IE, 25 Eco, 25 Eco Elite, 28 Eco, 28 Eco Elite, 28 HE, 28 HE A, 28 HE A LPG, 28 HE A System, 28 HE A System LPG, 28 HE LPG, 28HE IE, 30 Eco, 30 Eco Elite
By Range Name: Combi, Combi ErP, Duo-tec, Duo-tec ErP, Gold, Gold ErP, Heatmax, Megaflo, Megaflo ErP, Megaflo IE ErP, Performa, Platinum, Platinum ErP, Promax, Promax ErP, System, System ErP, System IE, Titanium, Titanium ErP, Combi;Megaflo;Duotec
Model Number: 247429

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