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CTC Ecoel 1550 V3 (1ph)

Product Code: 624615


Product Description

EcoEl 1800 is a system integrated thermal store cylinder for use with EcoAir air source and EcoPart ground source heat pumps. EcoEl gives excellent economy and comfort by regulating flow temperature for heating through a weather compensated mixing valve.The internal cylinder has a split level stratification baffle that divides the cylinder into 2 temperature zones. The top zone at higher temperatures is for DHW delivery and the lower zone is for heating circuits. The cylinder volume and arrangement ensures the heat pump has efficient operation and increased service life.

Product Features

  • Energy efficient operation all the year round
  • Weather compensated heating for comfort and efficiency
  • day/night temperature reduction periods
  • Easy integration with CTC heat pumps
  • Includes back-up heaters

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