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Danfoss Deviflex DTCE heating pipe 1.5mtr 230v

Product Code: 315016


Product Description

Besides the 5 key features of Deviflex there is more to benefit from. Of course the heating cable has a twin conductor with a single cold lead cable for easy lay-out planning and installation. The cold lead cable now has 3 solid copper wires making it easy-to-strip. The cold lead connection is as robust as it has always been, ensuring a watertight protection and clear visibility to remove the risk of accidentally placing heated cable in the wall pipe.

Product Features

  • A PVC outer sheath with XLPE insulated inner cable provides DEVIflex™ both its strength and flexibility
  • A round construction of the heating cable + the attached cold lead guarantees you easy installation
  • Installation is possible down to -5°C, providing you a longer installation period
  • Performing according IEC: 60800:2009 product standard ensures optimal quality and reliability
  • 360° full aluminium screening ensures maximum protection

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