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ESBE 12051500 on/off valve actuator 93m 24v 50hz (1)

Product Code: 307048


Product Description

The ESBE series 93M actuator is a compact actuator for operating rotary mixing valves. The actuator is reversible and is provided with limit switches which are actuated by cam discs. By adjusting the cam discs an operating range from 30° to 180° can be obtained except for 1205 33 00 which has an operating range of 270°. The actuator is provided with a disconnection for manual operation and has an indication on the front showing valve position. The 3-point signal control actuator is available for 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, or 230V, 50 Hz with different running times as shown in the data sheets.

Product Features

  • The Serries 90 actuator is made to fit all DN50+ Esbe valves
  • Manual overide
  • Compact
  • Competitivley priced

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