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Firebird low level flue kit 380 600 x 150mm

Product Code: 107843


Product Description

Flues are a critical part of a boiler installation. A correctly installed flue will ensure clean and efficient operation of the boiler. Firebird offer a range of high quality stainless steel flue kits that ensure optimum boiler performance and longer design life. Low level flue kits have become popular in recent years due to their convenient size and ease of installation. When installing a condensing low-level flue, consideration should be given to the discharge of the condense plume as it may cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties. In some cases a Plume Dispersal Kit may be advisable.

Product Features

  • All low level flue kits contain
  • Telescopic balanced flue with Venturi Insert
  • Terminal guard
  • Deflector plate
  • Wall seal
  • Silicone lubricant
  • Jubilee clip for air snorkel
  • Assembly instructions

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