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Ideal east/west 2 collctor on roof pack tile roof

Product Code: 207075


Product Description

Panels designed specifically for on roof or in roof installation, with each panel manufactured of  its own robotic line providing consistency and quality of manufacture.

Product Features

  • Contains Mounting System
  • No tools provided
  • Includes 10 year warranty for Collector
  • Includes 2 year warranty for for accessories

Web Pack Includes

Flat Collector x2 (613327)
Rail additional panel x2 (613337)
Collector roof rails x1 (613335)
mounting bar set x2 (613334)
first fix kit (2 x1m insulated hoses) x1 (613351)
east west controller x1 (613353)
additional in-line pump station for east west array x1 (613350)
pump station x1 (613339)
expansion vessel 241 x1 (613341)
expansion vessel kit x1 (Within 613341)
solar fluid 201 x1 (608178)
automatic air seperator x1 (Within 613339)

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