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Milwaukee Shockwave 48 piece drill driving set

Product Code: T25417


Product Description

Milwaukee® Shockwave Impact Duty™ Driver and Drill Bits are engineered for extreme durability and up to 10x life. Made from proprietary steel and heat treated to control hardness, the Shockwave Impact Duty™ Driver Bits feature an innovatively designed geometric shock absorption zone to extend life. The forged tip allows for a secure grip and maximum contact eliminating stripping or slipping

Product Features

  • Milwaukee Gen II Shockwave 48 Piece Drilling and Driving Set - Manufactured from heat treated steel
  • Shockwave shock absorption zone for extending life
  • Lasts up to 10x longer
  • Supplied With:Phillips bits:2x 25mm PH1, 50mm PH1, 2x 25mm PH2, 50mm PH2 & 25mm PH3
  • Pozi bits:2x 25mm PZ1, 3x 25mm PZ2, 50mm PZ2, 90mm PZ2 & 25mm PZ3
  • Torx bits:3x 25mm TX10, 50mm TX10, 3x 25mm TX15, 50mm TX15, 3x 25mm TX20, 50mm TX20, 90mm TX20, 3x 25mm TX25, 50mm TX25, 90mm TX25, 3x 25mm TX30, 50mm TX30 & 25mm TX40
  • Hex bits:25mm 4mm & 25mm 5mm
  • Slotted bits:25mm 0.6x4.5mm, 25mm 0.8x5.5mm & 25mm 1.2x6.5mm
  • 60mm bit holder
  • Screwdriver bits:3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm

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