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Aquasol Water Softener Salt Tablets 25kg

Product Code: B98699

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Product Description

Aquasol water softener salt tablets are ideal for regenerating domestic and small commercial water softeners, enabling them to efficiently and effectively soften water and treat hard water. Softened water has many benefits for home and commercial systems, from the prevention of limescale to helping your customers save money on the repair, maintenance and replacement of showers, dishwashers, hot water and heating systems. Aquasol salt tablets are manufactured as pillow-shaped briquettes using ingredients and methods that ensure purity and quality. Compressed from fine salt, these salt tablets are designed to minimise breaking or chipping and to dissolve efficiently without bridging in the salt reservoir. For a great water softening solution, stock up on Aquasol water softener salt tablets (25kg) online today for competitive prices, home delivery and in-store collection.

Product Features

  • Manufactured from pure dried vacuum salt to ensure purity
  • Rapidly dissolves to produce premium quality brine
  • Packed in a choice of bag sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Manufacturing process accredited to iso 9001:2008.