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Salamander ESP80CPVSB negative super booster pump 2.4 bar

Product Code: C88008


Product Description

Super boost packs consist of two single impeller pumps which can be used for systems where the cold feed is more than 5 metres away from the hot water cylinder. They're also ideal for systems where there will be high demand eg. 4 or more outlets running at the same time, or can also be used to pump the water into an unvented cylinder. The super booster pumps are suitable for both positive &/or negative head systems and are supplied with isolation valves on the anti-vibration couplers.

Product Features

  • Universal pump which can be used in pairs to boost vented system
  • Compact and smooth running with sustained flow
  • Supplied with isolating valve AV couplers
  • An innovative range of single outlet pumps

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