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Sentinel Eliminator system filter 22mm pack

Product Code: 608200


Product Description

Sentinel Eliminator® is the first filter to use Quadra-Cyclone® Technology to eliminate magnetic and non-magnetic debris. Unlike other system filters that rely on magnets alone to remove only magnetic material, Eliminator removes all types of debris using four true cyclones to separate circulating particles from the system flow. Additionally, four magnets strategically positioned in the collection chamber aid the capture and retention of the separated particles. Not only does the Eliminator provide continuous debris removal, it has features to help minimise time spent on site. The unit is simple to fit and can be installed on any orientation of pipework and there are two ways to remove debris from the unit; via the drain valve for a quick flush or dismantle for a complete clean and to show customers what the unit has captured. The filter has been designed so that it cannot block and the dual seals minimise the risk of leakage.

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