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Sentinel R700 ground & air source heat pump sanitiser & biocide 1ltr

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Product Description

Eliminates the problems caused by bacteria and fungi in Heat Pump Systems-Sentinel R700 is a clear solution containing a stabilised biocide for use in the heat collector circuit of Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pump Systems. These systems can suffer from problems caused by the growth of organisms such as bacteria and fungi, typically: degradation of thermal fluids, blockages of the pipe work, manifolds, valves and heat exchangers, unpleasant smells and corrosion of heat exchangers and manifolds. These problems can severely disrupt the smooth and efficient operation of the heat pump system. Only one litre dose is required for a typical 300 litre system. It is easy and quick to dose, safe to handle, non-corrosive, environmentally acceptable - it contains no toxic breakdown products, kills bacteria and fungi found in heat pump systems, prevents slime forming bacteria that cause unpleasant smells, gives long lasting protection, can be dosed in systems that are or will be treated with Sentinel R500 and R600

Product Features

  • Sentinel R700 Sanitiser and Biocide provides protection for ground or air source heat pump systems against contamination from bacteria and fungi. This contamination can cause problems within the system which impair its health and performance, such as degradation of thermal fluids, blockages, unpleasant smells and corrosion of system components.
  • Effective biocide and fungicide
  • Prevents slime-forming bacteria
  • Sanitises heat pump system
  • Easy and quick to dose
  • Non-corrosive
  • Long lasting protection
  • Safe to handle
  • No toxic breakdown products