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Stelrad LST Plus K1 low surface temperature radiator with case and grille 650 x 1050mm

Product Code: 238012


Product Description

Stelrad LST Plus radiator has a number of specialised, integrated features as standard, As this exceptional radiator comes in a complete, preassembled package, resulting in simple installation and can significantly reduce cost.

Product Features

  • Every stelrad lst radiator is supplied with an attractive
  • Flat panel outer casing
  • Which is totally reversible to allow piping flexibility
  • Meets the strict requirements of the nhs guidance note for ‘safe hot waterand surface temperature’
  • Unique seam fixing bracket system
  • Guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi
  • Can significantly reduce costs
  • Robust packaging protects the emitter and casing during storage and transit to ensure the product arrives in pristine condition
  • Supplied with integral remote sensing thermostat valve to allow adjustment of room air temperature
  • Supplied with lockshield valve as standard to discourage unauthorised tampering

Web Pack Includes

Brackets, vents & plugs

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