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Testo 320B standard kit with duffel bag

Product Code: 414428


Product Description

Designed especially for the UK market, the Testo 320B has a colour graphic display providing really clear and simple access to the measurement menus. The Testo 320B measurement menu provides simple access to a complete range of tests: Flue gas Analysis, Draught Measurement, Differential Pressure, Differential temperature, Ambient CO Measurement, Letby & Tightness testing.

Product Features

  • O2 and CO measurement sensors
  • High quality probe and hose with built in thermocouple for flue gas temp
  • Probe filter - Quickly and easily exchangeable
  • Dedicated ambient temp probe
  • Flue gas tests include display of combustion ratio, CO in ppm, O2%, CO2%, efficiency %, excess air, ambient & flue temp
  • Draught measurement,timed CO ambient tests,Timed tightness and letby tests
  • Differential temp measure for flow and return
  • Colour Graphic Display - to improve user experience
  • Built in Memory - Up to 20 readings with USB transfer to PC
  • All fuel types
  • 5 year fixed price service
  • Li-ion USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Automatic CO sensor protection shuts off pump
  • Independently tested to EN50379
  • Meets the requirements of BS7967 and Gas Safe Technical Bulletin TB143

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