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Testo 327-1 advanced flue gas analyser comes with CPA1 kit

Product Code: 492506


Product Description

It is now a requirement for Registered Gas Engineers to have a CPA1 qualification. These kits include all the required probes, hoses and a gas pressure controller to use on Let By and Tightness tests. The kits also include a Training DVD “Portable Flue Gas Analysers – A Practical Guide for Users” and a Gas Leak Detector. Kit includes testo printer, rechargeable battery, calibration protocol, flue gas probe (180mm X 6mm diameter), B1 and B2 probes, hose connector, silicon hose, gas pressure controller, gas leak detector, FGA DVD, carry case. Temperature: -40 to +600 °C Draught / Pressure: ±40 hPa O2: 0 to 21 Vol. % CO: 0 to 4000 ppm CO2: calculated

Product Features

  • •Easy menu navigation
  • •4 line segment display
  • •LED display light
  • •Easy IR printout
  • •Built-in condensate trap
  • •TÜV By RgG 253 acc. to 1. BImSchV
  • •EN 50379 Part 2 for O2, °C, hPa
  • •EN 50379 Part 3 for CO
  • •Small Li-ion rechargeable battery (1200 mA, lifetime of 5 h) can be recharged inside or outside instrument
  • •Fast probe connection using single probe plug
  • •Ambient CO measurement using flue gas probe
  • •O2 dual wall measurement (can be stored)
  • •Separate AT temperature measurement
  • •Undiluted CO measurement (can be stored)
  • •Draught measurement
  • •6-8 fuels (country-specific (e.g. UK=6))

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