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Thomas Dudley Hydroflo bottom entry inlet valve 8.5"

Product Code: B92190

  • Collection Icon Available from LEICESTER CRAVEN PLUMB - TC branch

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Product Description

Tesla UK Ltd has built its reputation throughout the UK as a primary supplier of in-depth product ranges dedicated to the Plumbing & Heating Industries. Tesla's expertise and manufacturing facilities are utilised by the industry, to support product supply and competitive pricing to meet market requirements. They also have ISO9001 certificated Factories for product manufacture and many products hold WRAS, Gas and OFTEC certificates. Tesla UK Ltd is also one of the largest suppliers of Pipe Support Systems to the UK market.

Product Features

  • Hydroflo float valves come with a compact body
  • Float arm and float
  • Asilence tube makes the hydroflo one of the quietest toilet fill valves
  • Aunique key is provided for simple and safe removal of the filter
  • The unique float arm makes it impossible for the float to become detached
  • Two built in backflow prevention devices provide assured safety
  • Hydroflo float valves are wras approved.