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Warmup electric heating mat 1.5m2 200w

Product Code: E02020


Product Description

The Underfloor Heating PFM Matting System from Warmup is an uncomplicated concept specifically designed for the professional user: the electrical heating cable is attached to a tough fibreglass mesh, rolled out before tiling, and connected to a programmable thermostat. The Matting System’s dual core heating element, with only one power lead to wire, is easy to install in just a matter of hours, without raising floor levels. The cable is attached in a series of loops to thin but tough mats, to fit rooms from 1m2.

Product Features

  • Toughest and thinnest wire you can buy: 2mm, multi-strand core, double-insulated using advanced flouropolymers
  • Sturdy fibreglass mesh for extra durability and super-sticky double-sided tape for secure installation
  • Quick installation - Simply roll out mat with pre-spaced wire.

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