Center Framework V1


The nation's favourite own brand radiator

Our Center radiators are available with a variety of excellent warranty options, so be sure to thoroughly browse our collection to find the model that’s right for the needs of you and your trade clients.

  • UK's best selling own brand rad
  • Available for same day collection
  • High quality & great performance
  • High gloss flat front panel
  • Compact & contemporary design
  • 10 year warranty
  • Traditional, elegant, timeless
  • A classic column radaitor
  • 22 different types & sizes
  • Available in straight & curved
  • High on efficiecy & low on energy
  • 2 year warranty

About CenterRad

At Plumb Center, we’re proud of the fact that our Center radiators are among the best in the business.

Designed for an unbeatable combination of value, performance, and style, these four ranges are built from high-quality materials to deliver the performance you need. Their compact design and attractive appearance mean that they have stylish looks, and our CenterRad Compact radiators in particular are priced to deliver unrivalled value.

From the traditional, elegant, and timeless looks of our Center Column radiators, to the functionality and style of our Center Rail and Center Rail Electric towel warmers, there’s a heating option for every installation. What’s more, we have radiators to choose from in a range of widths and heights that are sure to fit any room – as well as a choice of styles and designs.


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