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Electrical Heating

Electrical Heating

For basic storage heaters and stylish electrical radiators, Plumb Center stocks a wide variety from reliable manufacturers such as Dimplex and CenterRail.

Where a wet system radiator is not an option, and without the need for a gas system boiler, electrical heaters can easily accommodate the needs of any office space or home. With the ability to be easily wired into many existing electrical systems and with the option of wall mounting or floor standing, we have a variety of electrical heating options available.

Electric storage heaters

Find basic electric panel heaters that are slimline and easily mounted to the wall. With various outputs ranging from 400w to 1800w, designed to operate efficiently at low flow temperatures. There are also many sizes to choose from, suitable for heating different sized rooms efficiently.

Stylish electrical radiators

If you’re looking for stylish electric radiators to complement a customer’s home our range of Dimplex radiators are perfect. Our Dimplex radiators have touch control systems for accurate temperature changes, advanced Dual Element Technology for maximum heating efficiency and Open Window Technology controls heat output if a window is left open. The Dimplex SmartRad electrical heater range is designed to work with heat pumps for a highly energy efficient heating system, as well as a stylish finish.