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Shower Pumps

Shower Pumps

Choose from our range of high-quality shower pumps to increase water pressure in your next bathroom renovation project. Whether you’re compensating for a low-pressure system or simply replacing an old pump, you'll find the perfect option in our selection.

Choose from experienced, trusted brands like Mira, Salamander, and Triton for top quality pumps that you can rely on for consistent performance and durability. All the pumps we stock are held up to high standards of manufacturing so you can be sure that you are getting a pump that will last and allow you to complete a quality installation or repair job.

Browse options to suit a wide range of different pressures as well as our selection of accessories, including controls and generators. Whether you need a single impeller or a twin impeller pump, you're sure to find it in our collection.

Shop our range of shower pumps at Plumb Center to enjoy our competitive trade prices, fast delivery, and free in-branch collection.