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Brazing and soldering tools are essential for any welding project and are commonly used by professionals in the plumbing industry to create joints. The general process involves fusing together two separate materials by melting the materials at a high temperature and applying a filler alloy. The main difference between brazing and soldering is that soldering does not require such a high temperature.

We’re proud to stock a huge collection of top quality brazing and soldering tools including kits, soldering mats and accessories. Whether you’re simply on the hunt for a refill cylinder or looking to invest in a brazing torch, there’s no need to shop anywhere else as Plumb Center has the tools you need to complete the job both quickly and efficiently.

Plus, we source our products from industry-leading brands that you know and trust. Produced by popular brands, such as Rothenberger, Center, our products have been designed with an emphasis on durability and with professionals in mind. You can rest assured that these products will last for multiple jobs and can withstand daily wear and tear.

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